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When good days take a turn for the worst, you’ve gone and slipped into the proverbial quicksand. But fear not, Explorer! The untamed regions of your mind are just waiting to be conquered.

Mental Quicksand

Modifying your behavior with lifestyle marketing is a sure-fire method to transform yourself into a social and professional commodity.

Reveal your True Value

The law of inertia can work in our favor to help us achieve some of our more overwhelming goals.

Isaac Newton’s Motivation 101

A fun analogy teaching us to enjoy life’s most precious gifts without having to take a break from pursuing our passions.

Should I Stop and Smell the Roses?

An investigation of a paradox in human socialization inspired by Erwin Schoedinger’s famous thought experiment.

An Unfortunate Creature

An inspirational take on times of struggle as the greatest opportunities for personal growth.

Picking Up the Pieces

A satirical discussion on where our self-conscious impulses come free, and how we can overcome them to more freely express our true nature. (Warning: contains A LOT of mature language and graphic content.)

You’re a Freak (And Your Friends Don’t Like You.)

A lighthearted lesson on embracing the characteristics embodied by our pets aimed at realizing our full potential.

Fighting Like Cats and Dogs