Somber, Sour, Bittersweet
memories tumble down barren streets

Rife with regret, replete with remorse
carefully crafting this current course

Irrigate crops with salty seas? Such
impulsive decisions force gods to their knees

Tumult, Triumph, Turbulence
these teachable failures are heaven-sent



(Im)patiently Waiting



Waiting and impatience,

court coveted co-dependence


Like the bickering couple bound

by routine and regular regiment


Abhorred affairs allow

their guests to gradually gather


While causes for elation

elicit eager exasperation


These idle hands are led

to linger on loose threads


Until urges unwind,

into a wiser waste of time .


Wasted Lightyears


my form did manifest
in the safety of your orbit
I was unhinged chaos 
careening wildly in void
your radiance raged bright
and guided me to temper
this molten core of mine
in spherical tranquility

eclipsed in lunar warnings
too naive to heed in infancy 
I soon found lightyears forfeited
you illuminate new conquests

conviction turned to ice
this elliptical trajectory
was ever something more
than cruel, centrifugal torture
apathetic to escape
kept steadfast in your gravity
for life to dwell and prosper
on the surface of my misery