Twelve Ways to Say I Love You


This deafening silence, sits at odds, with how we used to talk,

like calloused hands caressing a neck soft as rosewood.

Notes conspired openly, in sustain of a single chord

leaving melancholy trace in dew-drop lullabies.

Resonant truth hid in plain sight, to offer a final goodbye.


Lain to rest, on a shrine of velvet, devoid of all vibration.

Once i was your voice,  when novel cruelty resolved you to silence.

Harmonies formed by my tongue, imparted by your grace,

dissonance born of the same, fueled by seething rage.

Thus abstraction in a turbulent soul lent shape in key and tempo.


By its will, time shall unwind, embraces tensed in lust,

transposing vitality to the rigor of more tangible sustenance.

As i grew smaller in your grasp, so quieter in your heart, yet 

each verse refrains to find eyes closed, head blissfully sweeping back,

and i know a clef dare not exist that makes you feel like I could.


Even though I’m tucked away, you keep me close at hand,

just as longing plucks heart strings, forever lost in interlude.

Breathed life out of mahogany’s whisper, to express your arcane truth,

I weep to see the unquenched thirst within you soon diminish,

and once more syncopate my prose to your still-beating heart.

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